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Automated sniping. Manual auction snipers find it impossible to bid for two auctions which end at the same time. Or it is quite possible that you have to take a call while you are manually sniping, and thus lose the auction. The solution to such problems is automated sniping. Using a search engine you can easily find out the list of people offering automated sniping service.

They will bid for you and win on behalf of you for a small fee. They usually offer a free trial, which you can try out. By far the best automated sniping service is eSnipe. But instead of paying for their service every time, you can also go for an automated sniping software. After installing the software on your machine, you have to tell it which auctions you want to snipe and at what maximum rate.

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The software will snipe it for you in the very last seconds. You however have to leave your computer running almost all the time for the software to snipe various auctions at various hours. Finally you can always send an email to the seller, if you lose an auction, requesting them to send you a copy of the item, if they have spare, and you might get it for a price at which the auction ended.