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You can try selling your old stuff, as thousands of old stuff sell on Ebay. There are hundreds of buyers who are ready to fork out money to buy your old stuff. Such old items include:

Old newspapers, magazines and books. Old newspapers, magazines and books are highly in demand on Ebay. The older, the better. Even their clippings (cuttings) are in good demand. In May 2005, a newspaper cutting on legendary magician Houdini fetched $200 on an Ebay auction.

Advertisements. Like magazines and newspapers, old and large advertisements sell swiftly on Ebay. Recently an old, hand painted, large advertisement design by an artist sold for $200 on Ebay.

Posters. Do you still have an old poster from the centre page spread of some old magazine? Don’t throw it, because it might fetch you $20 on Ebay.

Fancy dress, knitting patterns. Old fashioned fancy dresses for special occasions, like Halloween party, marriage, anniversary, are in demand. Knock them off on Ebay auction to get some quick buck. Office workers are rummaging around their houses all over the world.

      Similarly, old cooking recipes newly compiled as books, or CD; old cartoons, furniture – all sell on Ebay to fetch a good price. Go ahead, give it a serious try.