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Buying on Ebay auction may turn into an annoying experience for you because of a community of buyers called snipers. They can make your buying experience on Ebay auctions somewhat frustrating. It is against the rules to ‘snipe’, yet not much is done to stop sniping, really. The best way you can fight sniping is, however, by becoming a sniper yourself.

Care to find out the process of sniping, and know the secrets of auction snipers?
Manual sniping. After spending some days on Ebay auctions as a buyer, you will figure out, that the later you bid, the more are your chances of winning the auction. Sniping is the process of bidding at the very last minute, to win the auction.

This requires a bit of nerve, and a reasonably fast internet connection. Of course you don’t get time to read any information in the last minute, so do that beforehand. Come back to the auction site on the very last minute, before the auction ends, and be ready. Press the button within the last 10-15 seconds if you have a fast internet connection. If your connection is slower, do it 20-30 seconds before the auction ends. Make sure the maximum amount you put on your bid is relatively high.

Else you face the challenge of being outbid by automated snipers, and might not get the time to bid again before it ends. This technique used by manual snipers is however not foolproof, as you might be outbid by those using automated sniper service.