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Want to earn some online cash? Then become a part of the online community which 100 million people across the globe are using-Ebay. Where, almost everything on earth is available. If you decide to become a seller on Ebay, the first step is to register online, which is free. Go to the registration page and join the Ebay community by giving your details. Choose an ID and password. Follow the link on the verification e-mail and confirm your registration. Your credit card number will be wanted. Don’t panic; they won’t charge you.

It will be used for verification. Select your mode of payment.
      Now, to start selling, select a format of selling -- fixed price, or auction. Select currency and category. The next step is important. Select a title and description for your item. Now this is where you have to be creative to be different from others and to attract your buyers. Set minimum price (for auction) or ‘buy it now’ fixed price.

At this  stage you will be allowed to sell one item at a time, until you attain 10+ rating from satisfied buyers. Then you can sell any number of items on Ebay. After this, choose a duration of auction – three, five, seven or ten days. Definitely add a photo of your item; this feature is free. Don’t forget to calculate and include shipping cost. Selling on Ebay is not free. It involves a cost. Try to accept payment by PayPal, as it is the most popular of payment modes. At the end of the day check out for sale and be ready to package and ship it out to the buyer’s address.

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